The idea of taking care of the earth and making it a better place through the sustainable use of resources is a growing concern in the world today. Sustainability

With this in mind Selmor Displays is seeking to reduce negative impacts on the environment by considering processes that reduce our carbon footprint and promote recycling of the materials we use.

Our product displays are predominately made from fabricated sheet metal and steel tubing which allows us to recycle cut offs and wastage during production.

The life cycle of our displays are always considered throughout the design process so that when it comes time for the stand to go it can be disassembled into separate parts and materials for recycling.

About Selmor

Selmor Displays has operated at the forefront of the 'Point of Sale' industry since its establishment in 1972. With that history comes a wealth of knowledge, experience and diversification that enables us to offer highly successful solutions to our clients needs.

Our team of designers and tradespeople are passionate about the products they create and are able to provide expertise in all aspects of 'Point of Sale' display and merchandising systems, from concepts and prototypes to full design and production in any medium required.


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